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 [Event][YGOPRO]Duelist Packs Tournament

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ПисанеЗаглавие: [Event][YGOPRO]Duelist Packs Tournament   Чет 03 Апр 2014, 19:51

The format of the tournament will depend of the number of players:
6-11 Round Robbin
8 - Double Elimination
16 - Single Elimination
12-20+ Swiss > top 4/8 single
The remaining rules of the Swiss:
The number of rounds will depend of the number of players:
12-16           4
17-32           5
33 – 64         6
65 – 128       7
129 – 256      8
257 – 512      9
513 or more   10
The number of top players also is decided by how many players are in the tournament:
Top 4 - 6-31
Top 8 - 32+
Rules: Аdvanced, TCG Changing decks during the whole tournament is forbidden.
Matches:2/3 side allowed, Banlist 2014.4.1. TCG

In order to sign up, you have to choose a number between 1 and 13. You cannot chose already chosen number by other member. The number you will choose will be a random duelist pack with which you will play in the tournament. After the tournament starts you'll be given a link to each chosen duelist pack. You can use any card in the pack maximum 3 times(as the games allows max 3 cards of each one), unless the card is in violation with the banlist. The tourny starts after 7 days or having 13 participants. After the packets are up, you'll have a day to build and test. After that day the matches will be up. You can only use the cars in your packet, if you use any other cards you will lose 1:0 to your opponent, except if he decides to give you a rematch. Same goes for leaving a duel.

1st place 200 TW Money + title depending on your packet
2 - 150 TW Money
3 - 100 TW Money
4 - 50 TW Money

You can sign up with your forum name, skype and a number(from 1 to 13 here - http://yugioh.forumotions.net/t1864-topic


You can see your packs here Soon (Remember that you can only use cards in the pack for your deck, using side cards will result a DQ, same goes for cards that violate the banlist) Here are how the packs went on random org - Soon

Matches - Soon
Deadline (per match) - Soon

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[Event][YGOPRO]Duelist Packs Tournament

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