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 [Event][POC] Deck Master: Earth

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ПисанеЗаглавие: [Event][POC] Deck Master: Earth    Пон 18 Ное 2013, 20:32

Deck Master is a tournament in which everyone plays the same type deck. The decks can be different, but must be centered around the type. As the title says the type of decks for this event is Earth.

Standart Rules:
Forbidden Cards:
Barrel Dragon
Change of Heart
Cyber Jar
Cyber Stein
Delinquent Duo
Fairy Box
Harpie`s Feather Duster
Imperial Order
Painful Choice
Pot Of Greed
Ring Of Destruction
Snatch Steal
The Forceful Sentry

Limited Cards:
Call Of The Haunted
Card Destruction
Crush Card
Dark Hole
Exodia The Forbidden One
Graceful Charity
Heavy Storm
Left Arm Of The Forbidden One
Left Leg Of The Forbidden One
Limiter Removal
Mage Power
Magic Cylinder
Magician Of Faith
Mirror Force
Monster Reborn
Morphing Jar
Morphing Jar No. 2
Mystical Space Typhoon
Needle Worm
Nobleman Of Crossout
Premature Burial
Right Arm Of The Forbidden One
Right Leg Of The Forbidden One
Sinister Serpent
Swords Of Revealing Light
Torrential Tribute
United We Stand
Upstart Goblin
Witch Of The Black Forest

Semi-Limited Cards:
Aqua Spirit
Dimensional Warrior
Gravity Bind
Last Will
Mask Of Darkness
Rock Spirit
Royal Decree

Single Elimination 2/3 side allowed.

1st място 90 TW Money
2nd - 80 Tw Money
3rd - 70 TW Money
4th - 60 TW Money

Sing up here - http://yugioh.forumotions.net/t1551-topic

You must write a way to contact you(preferable skype) and nickname in the forum.

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[Event][POC] Deck Master: Earth

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