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 Tag Arena, Shadow Arena, TW League

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Tag Arena, Shadow Arena, TW League   Пон 18 Ное 2013, 15:02

Tag Arena:
Only YGOPro
1. Each team must be written in the topic - http://yugioh.forumotions.net/t1351-topic . You must write: your teammates, team name adn captain.
2. Each team must be between 2 and 4 members.
3. Each team must have it's own name.
4. Each team must have a captain.
5. The captain can kick or add members. Only the captain can challenge other teams.
6. The duels are 1/1 with 16000 LP
7. Exp is added only for the players who participeted in the duels.
8. If someone disconnects or leave the duel it is considered a loss
9. Banlist: ingame YGOPro TCG
10. You can have unlimited nimbers of battles, but only if they are with different teams.
11. You can have up to 2 battles with the same team per week.
12. You can be member in only one team.

Win with 2:0 +2 points
Win with 2:1 +1 point
Loss with 1:2 -1 point
Loss with 0:2 -2 points

There will be team of the month each week depending on the scoreboard - http://yugioh.forumotions.net/t1354-topic

Challenges - http://yugioh.forumotions.net/t1407-topic
Scores - http://yugioh.forumotions.net/t1408-topic
Teams board - http://yugioh.forumotions.net/t1352-topic
Results - http://yugioh.forumotions.net/t1408-topic

Shadow Arena:
Here you can play with bets. They can be:
- Tw money
- Changes in Signature
- Changes in Avatar
- Pictures you have made
- Videos you have made
- Decks
- Titles

The duels are 2/3 with Side
The game and the banlist are decided by the challenger.
You can have up to 2 duels with bet and 8 without a bet per day.

Betting TW Money. Let's say the bet is 50, if you win 2:0 you win those 50, if you win 2:1 you take the half, and the loser loses 1/3 from the bet.

You also win EXP here


TW League:
1. The games are 3 - YGOPro, Dueling Network and POC Joey (original)
2. All duels are 2/3
3. By writing the results the other player must confirm or just post the 3 replays.
4. Banlists:
Ingame TCG Advanced
5. You can have up to 2 duels per week wtih the same member.
6. You can have unlimited amount of duels per day as long as they are with different members.
7. You cannot place bets here. You win here only EXP and points in the league.
8. Disconnections/quits counts as a loss.
9. Deck change is allowed after a mach duel.
10. By posting the resulsts you have to post the replayes.
-2:0 Winner +2 points. Loser -1 point
-2:1 Winner +1 point. Loser -0 points.

Challenges - http://yugioh.forumotions.net/t1406-topic
Results - http://yugioh.forumotions.net/t1563-topic
Scoreboard - http://yugioh.forumotions.net/t1343-topic

You don't have to sign up here. By posting the results it is considered signing up.

Every Month there will be Duelist of the month based on the scoreboard

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Tag Arena, Shadow Arena, TW League

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